Past Life Regression

I am a certified Past Life Regression therapist. I have facilitated several individuals, to take a peek into their past lives from medieval times to the 1960s.

It is always an incredible, amazing journey. Always the unexpected happens.We can never predict which past life we will discover! And of course, the most appropriate past life for the individual is accessed.

It is easy to relax into a past life and access the lessons and learnings from it. It is like watching a movie: you are seeing/sensing/hearing/knowing the drama of a past life that is unfolding and at the same time you are talking to the therapist, describing what is happening. You are totally safe. The experience can be healing in many ways. The most important benefit is that one loses the fear of death.
Having witnessed/experienced your physical death in one past life, you know with deep certainity that death is not the end of it all. That there is life after death.

Past life regression is helpful to resolve any persistent health issues especially those which appear to have no medical cause, relationship issues, fears and phobias.

A recent case study:

Prem was harassing his fiancée to prove to him in all kinds of ways that she loved him and wasn’t cheating on him. They would continue till she would be reduced to tears. He KNEW was loyal to him and loved him yet he couldn’t stop himself.

After the past life regression and the follow up healing, he reported that for a month now he hadn’t forced her to confess that she was faithful to him. That he hadn’t even raised the subject and that they were happily looking forward to their engagement two months later.