Being peaceful and calm promotes clarity, good health, harmony. Meditation is one way of bringing balance and stability to our lives.

The question frequently asked is: But how to meditate?

The answer is: Meditation is simple. It is easy. It is quick. It is not essential to sit for many minutes or hours in meditation. A minute here and there, even a few seconds at a time give you many benefits. They all add up to a more harmonious experience of life.

So what do we do for a minute or a few seconds?

Just be still. Notice your breath, the inhale and exhale. Don’t change it, don’t do anything, just become aware that you are breathing, the air is going in through your nostrils, out again. Become aware that your chest is rising with the inhale, contracting with the exhale. That’s it! You have meditated for a few seconds. Do this a few times in the day, more frequently as you get more adept…Notice what changes in your daily experience.

There are many other ways of meditating which are equally easy and simple. Here’s another method. Choose any object that’s near you. It could be a pen, a picture, a paperweight, a spoon, anything at all. Give it your full attention. Maintain an attitude of curiosity, wonder..what’s this object that I am looking at. Notice its shape, colour, texture, the space it takes up, the light falling on it, everything that you see about it. Take a minute or two to do this. Notice how you feel. Do you feel calmer, more settled? You have meditated!

I am a certified teacher of Judith Blackstone’s Embodiment Meditation. I also teach mindfulness meditation.

Some short audios will soon be available under Resources. May you be in touch with the inner and outer silence!

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