Just do it!

I could hear my neighbours' voices from the street. They were talking to the vegetable vendor.

‘Don't you have coconuts today?’

‘Next to the potatoes, Amma’.

‘Check for cracks; the cocnut shouldn’t be broken.’ It was the mother- in -law instructing the daughter- in- law.

‘It is ok, Ma. But, isn't very small,’ the voice was hesitant.

‘How much?’
‘Rs 20,Amma’.
‘20! And this one? Its only slightly bigger.’

He daughter-in-law chimed in, ‘ It’s for the puja, Ma. For God.
And Buaji is coming too.’

‘Buaji...I remember the huge coconuts she had given if money grows on trees! But then she has a coconut farm. But we are no less. Go bring 25 rupees, Beti.’

I smiled at all the considerations that had gone in buying just one coconut.

Have you experienced a particular day which seems to be The day of revelations? Yesterday was that kind of day for me. A day of rich learning.

At my sister's house in the afternoon, I heard my sister give her 8 year old son two apples and tell him to give one to his sister. She watched him as a hawk, which one would he give his sister, the bigger or smaller one? Had he learnt to be unselfish and to give the better one to his sister? Would he do the right thing? And I watched as my nephew stood perplexed, which apple should he give his sister? I had this strong urge to tell him, just give any apple; it's not a Supreme Court judgment...just do what comes spontaneously. But i dared not..I would have to listen to a serious lecture on parenting and I just wasn't in the mood. I had other things to think about. Like, when was the last time, I acted spontaneously. Last evening, while running for the bus, I was full of thoughts about how awkwardly I ran, how I was not slim enough, not fast enough, not young enough...etc, etc. It was no wonder that I was gasping for breath when I finally plonked down in the seat. All those negative judgments running faster than me.

A point to ponder..could I have run like a buffalo, joyfully? Could I have just enjoyed the act of running? Of course, yes! I could have been totally in my body, totally in the present moment and enjoyed the thrill of chasing the bus. But why was I not??

Now came The Revelation:

old programmings and conditionings were running my life. The spontaneous fun-loving me was nowhere in the picture. My life seemed to a cameo of family injunctions, societal expectations, cultural norms, etc.

I thought of all the things that I could not do just like that! Drink a tender coconut without a straw. Fly a kite at the beach. Eat a full ripe mango without cutting it with a knife. Wear bermudas during the day. Cut my hair short. Eat breakfast before having a bath! Have a cuppa at midnight. There were so many judgments of right and wrong over every small mind was set on auto pilot, saying, this is just not done!

Who is ready to join me in Just doing it?