I offer coaching or mentoring programs. This is continuous support offered to you on a monthly basis. You can choose to work with me for a longer period too: three,six,12 months. There are separate packages for each.

With frequent, on-going support, you can get to know yourself at a deep level. You can also unravel the deep conditionings from childhood. You can have fun achieving goals, both short-term and long term. You can avail of support in times of crisis as well as for health challenges. You can bring peace, harmony, love in a relationship. I am specially happy to offer support to caregivers. I am happy to be here for you, as much or as less as you need me.

You can meet me for a free 30 min consult in person, or online. We can explore the issues and decide if we can benefit from working together.

Nimmoo... A person whom I seek for guidance and suggestions through all ups and downs of my life. I have known Nimmoo for more than a decade now, and she is such an inspiring person!!! I have worked with her for healing and manifestations in aspects of health, profession, marriage and attitude, and she is fantastic in each of these. I have handled my life's toughest situations with her guidance and I can call her my teacher for life. I highly recommend her work. And, Her mentoring is phenomenal!!!