"Nimmoo... A person whom I seek for guidance and suggestions through all ups and downs of my life. I have known Nimmoo for more than a decade now, and she is such an inspiring person!!! I have worked with her for healing and manifestations in aspects of health, profession, marriage and attitude, and she is fantastic in each of these. I have handled my life's toughest situations with her guidance and I can call her my teacher for life. I highly recommend her work. And, Her mentoring is phenomenal!!!

"Me and my wife Shobha are availing her services regularly, and we are happy to say that she has given us a new life. Our income and business has grown quantitatively and qualitatively. She has filled us with new confidence and makes us glow with inner health.Shobha. Whatever be your problems/ aspirations go to her and you see them achieving yourself. Friends, belief is the biggest thing in the world, to believe in her power, experience once to know it. I strongly vouch for her services to one and all!!
Lion. Anand Kumar KS"

"Nimmoo is a wonderful healer having expertise in many Healing Modality which gives her an edge over others. In addition she has got very good analytical ability by which she can arrive at the root cause fast. Aforesaid qualities are beneficial for her clients for sorting out their problems with higher success rate.
Bankim Mistry, Pune"

"Nimmo has tried out techniques, new and not so new, on my wife who had been suffering from chronic digestion related issues, that could not be addressed to by other means of medications. We were able to see the results almost immediately. Earlier my wife had to be very careful and selective about what she ate. Now she has overcome this problem, and we are very thankful to Ms.Nimmo Ashok"

"Sridevil had failed twice in her 7th Std and was still getting digit marks . Yesterday she reported that she had scored 64% in Physics with the help of her Smart Self and the Umbrella of Concentration. She still had trouble with Maths Equations. I introduced the Light of Knowledge which she saw as sparkles of light and she could get all the all the subjects!!! The look of wonder in her eyes was a beauty."

"Prakash felt claustrophobic in planes, hotel rooms, any enclosed place. He was visiting his son in Canada and was worried about the long 24 hour flight. With Bach remedies, he enjoyed his flight to Delhi for the visa and then the flight to Toronto. He experienced no discomfort at all. "

"Suresh couldn’t sleep at night. He kept thinking of the loans he had to repay. White chestnut quietened his mind and he could sleep well all night."

"Ramya was beset by unknown fears. Aspen gave her relief from fears and with Larch she grew confident."

"John Koehler from Israel: “ You are full of experience and insight. You have a special skill for identifying the place wherepeople need help.”