My name is Nimmoo Kinger and I am an energy healer. It is my passion to help people live happy and balanced lives. I do this by helping individuals and groups to release negative beliefs that are preventing them from progressing in their lives.

I am an expert at trauma release. I have worked with people who have been involved in accidents and have helped them get better quickly and easily. I have helped people who have lost their loved ones, to move into acceptance with the loss and live fulfilled lives. People who have suffered sudden or huge business losses are able to overcome the shock of the financial disaster and quickly move into prosperity again. People suffering from chronic pain get relief and ease with energy work. No medicines or devices are used.

It is purely energy work where the individual is guided to access the wisdom of his inner self to get better, to let go of painful memories, to move into abundance and prosperity. My healing center is called Ojas, which in Sanskrit means Inner Power. My goal is to empower people to know and tap into their own Inner strength and potential and be happy and peaceful, no matter what is going around them.

I have learnt several healing modalities and I use whatever is appropriate for the individual. I work with people who are depressed, who have not been able to sleep for several years, as well as with students to help improve their concentration and confidence levels and to hone their memory and study skills. I have many highly effective techniques for releasing stress in just an hour. Stress-related diseases like high B P, diabetes , etc can be controlled with energy work. Addictions like smoking, alcohol consumption, OCDs ,etc can also be overcome.Children with mental disabilities, hyper-active behavior can also be assisted to a large extent.

I am a certified practitioner of Past Life Regression. I have a genuine interest in healing and welcome individuals to get in touch with me.