Organ and Cell Regeneration

Organ and Cell Regeneration processes are also known as Russian New Knowledge as they have been created by Russian scientists who have contributed hugely to the quantum field of healing.

Healing intentions coupled with simple processes create miracles of healing.

I have used these processes for quick healing in an emergency. In the case of food poisoning, back muscles being pulled, burns, accidents, the healing has been almost immediate.

How often have we wished that the past hadn’t happened? Or that we could undo what happened? Not taken that decision or taken that turn? In Organ and Cell Regeneration processes, we can easily transform the past and make new choices which are in alignment with ‘the bright and shining path of the Creator’.

The transformation to one’s way of Being is life changing.

I am a trainer in this modality. If you would like to learn this modality, you can contact me. I will be living my life’s purpose by introducing you to this healing method.